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What Our Teachers Do

Bridge Education Homeschool teachers seek to maximize each student’s personal development by creating and facilitating individualized education plans tailored to each student’s unique learning needs.

Our teachers design and implement curriculum/syllabi/class materials and create performance tasks aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards.

Our teachers prepare and deliver effective lessons whereby students achieve a strong academic and social foundation and deep understanding of their own strengths and challenges.

Our teachers ensure effective application of established methodologies and learning goals while promoting a culture that emphasizes excellence and academic achievement for every student within an inclusive community.

Our teachers design and implement assessment tools that measure progress towards academic standards, ensuring every student meets his/her academic needs.

Our teachers consistently monitor student mastery through interim, teacher, and benchmark assessments.

Our teachers ensure that students meet state standards while creating a nurturing, engaging, and differentiated learning environment.

Our teachers use student performance data to set short- and long-term goals to drive instruction.

Our teachers develop and maintain effective (in-person and remote) classroom management to create an environment conducive to learning.

Our teachers maintain an educational culture of high academic and behavioral expectations through continuous reflection and self-improvement.

Our teachers participate in professional learning communities, grade-level activities, and engage in annual professional development opportunities.

Our teachers maintain an open communication with parents regarding student learning and progress.

Our teachers communicate and collaborate effectively with students, families, and colleagues, and they effectively collaborate with colleagues on collaborative curriculum projects.

Our teachers help develop and implement an effective system of interventions for students who are struggling.

Our teachers perform various administrative tasks to ensure program functionality and success.

Our teachers maintain accurate, organized, and timely records of student attendance, grades, and class promotion via an orderly and secure filing system.