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With Bridge Education Homeschool, targeted instruction is delivered in interactive and innovative ways that will prepare students to take various state and Regents exams. Elementary-school-level students transition fluidly to middle-school-level studies, middle-school-level students make a seamless transition to developing high-school-level competencies, and our high-school-level students are provided with the foundations and skills required to succeed in the college or university of their choice and beyond.

Our teaching staff will work with the curriculum of your choice, bringing the curriculum to life with original and effective instructor-generated lessons and course materials, all tailored to your child’s distinctive learning needs.

Bridge Education is currently looking to identify parents who are already homeschooling or interested in moving towards homeschooling. Let us know how we can assist in your child’s academic and social growth.

We look forward to working with you and your children, our future students, who are the future of the world.